Investor Relations

Micron Wireless is currently in search of an Investor/Partner(s) who will bring more to Micron than just capital. The ideal Investor/Partner(s) we are seeking should bring expertise in one or more areas including, but not limited to, Marketing, Finance, International Business, C-Level contacts, industry connections in one or more of our target market segments, etc. The Investor/Partner(s) will receive an equity position in the company and sit on the Board of Directors.


Micron Wireless is a fast growing company with existing products, an established client base, and global distribution channels. The company has risked the initial investment in the research and development of the first few products which have proven to be successful, and have several new products to be released to the market in the near future. For investors who join us now, the costs and risks associated with initial R&D and building a customer base from the ground up will be limited. Going forward, the uncertainty is not whether the company will survive, but how fast it will grow. As the new Investor/Partner brings managerial expertise and capital to our business, we will continue taking further steps to maintaining our global company.

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